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Collaboration Kitchen fosters a community based learning environment in our fully equipped commercial kitchen. All of our classes are are designed for anyone and EVERYONE interested in eating healthier.

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When you have food prepared in your fridge - where you’ve cooked it yourself and you know what ingredients went into it - there’s a huge sense of satisfaction that can’t compete with store bought foods. We're about bring back that joy in cooking.

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What Our Students Say

I think I like the fruit week best ’cause I learned how to cut them in different ways, make fruit platters, and make yummy smoothies! I would like to learn more about making more meals maybe a little bit harder.

Emilee T.

14 years old

I think I liked making fruit platters the most and I would like to learn more about meats!

Ava S.

13 years old

I like learning about how to make meat look pretty with the lines. I would like to learn more about meals that are a bit harder to cook.

Emmerson R.

12 years old